Wall Wine Rack Wall Mounted

Wall Wine Rack Wall Mounted. Step up your home bar game with the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack. This sleek and stylish wine rack is designed to hold up to nine bottles of your favorite wines, liquor, or champagne. Made from durable black metal, this wall-mounted wine rack is not only a functional storage solution, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any space. Perfect for wine enthusiasts or anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication to their home, the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack is the ultimate kitchen storage and towel rack combo.

Wall Wine Rack
Wall Wine Rack

Why Consider This Product?

Are you a wine enthusiast? Do you love entertaining guests with a bottle of your favorite wine? If so, then the Sorbus Wine Rack is the perfect addition to your home bar or kitchen. With its sleek and stylish design, this wine rack not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also provides a practical solution for storing and displaying your wine collection.

But don’t just take our word for it – scientific research has shown that proper wine storage can enhance the flavors and aromas of your wine. With the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack, you can ensure that your wine bottles are stored in the ideal horizontal position, allowing the cork to remain moist and preventing air from getting into the bottle. This results in a more enjoyable and long-lasting wine-drinking experience.

Certifications and endorsements add to the credibility of this product. The Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack has been certified by reputable organizations for its quality and safety standards. Additionally, many satisfied customers have left positive testimonials, praising the functionality and aesthetics of the wine rack.

Features and Benefits

Modern and Space-Saving Design

The sleek black metal design of the Sorbus Rack adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Whether you choose to mount it in your home bar, kitchen, or dining area, it serves as a stylish decor piece while also providing a practical storage solution.

Holds 9 Bottles

With a capacity to hold up to 9 wine bottles, this wine rack is perfect for both small and medium-sized wine collections. The horizontal storage position keeps the corks moist and prevents air from entering the bottles, ensuring optimal wine quality.

Versatile Storage

Not only does the Wine Rack hold wine bottles, but it can also accommodate liquor and champagne bottles. This versatility makes it a must-have for any beverage aficionado.

Multi-Functional Design

In addition to storing your favorite bottles of wine, the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack also features a towel rack. This convenient addition allows you to hang a towel within easy reach, making it perfect for use in the kitchen or bar area.

Sorbus Wall Mount

Product Quality

When it comes to wine storage, quality is of utmost importance. The Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack is constructed from durable and sturdy black metal, ensuring long-lasting durability. The sturdy design ensures that your bottles are securely held in place, preventing any accidental spills or breakages.

What It’s Used For

Organize Your Wine Collection

The Wine Rack is designed to help you organize and display your wine collection in style. By keeping your bottles in a horizontal position, the wine rack ensures that they are easily accessible while maintaining their quality.

Beautify Your Home Bar

Add a touch of elegance to your home bar with the Rack. Its sleek black metal design complements any decor style, creating a visually appealing focal point in your bar area.

Convenient Kitchen Storage

If you’re an avid cook or entertainer, having a bottle of wine within reach while preparing meals or hosting guests is essential. The Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack allows you to store your favorite bottles in the kitchen for easy access, saving you valuable counter space and keeping your wine collection organized.

Towel Rack Functionality

In addition to its primary wine storage function, the Sorbus Wine Rack also features a built-in towel rack. This makes it a versatile addition to your kitchen or bar area, allowing you to conveniently hang a towel while cooking or serving drinks.

Wine Bottle Holder

Product Specifications

MaterialBlack Metal
CapacityHolds 9 Bottles
Dimensions27.5 x 9.75 x 3.5 inches
Mounting StyleWall Mounted

Who Needs This

The Sorbus Rack is perfect for wine enthusiasts, home bar owners, and anyone who appreciates both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you have a small wine collection or a larger one, this wine rack provides an elegant and space-saving solution for storing and displaying your bottles.

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Versatile storage for wine, liquor, and champagne bottles
  • Space-saving wall-mounted design
  • Built-in towel rack for added functionality


  • Limited capacity of 9 bottles may not be sufficient for larger wine collections
  • Requires wall mounting, which may not be suitable for all spaces or renters


  1. Is the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack easy to install?
  • Yes, the wine rack comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions, making installation a breeze.
  1. Can I use the towel rack function of the wine rack separately?
  • Yes, the towel rack can be used independently of the wine rack.
  1. Does the wine rack come in different colors?
  • Currently, the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack is only available in black.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack rave about its quality and functionality. Many customers appreciate the sleek design and the ability to store both wine and other beverage bottles. The built-in towel rack is also highly praised for its convenience and versatility.

Overall Value

The Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack offers excellent value for both wine enthusiasts and individuals looking to add a stylish and functional piece to their home bar or kitchen. Its modern design, space-saving capabilities, and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for any wine lover.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • When mounting the wine rack, ensure that it is securely fastened to the wall to prevent any accidents.
  • Consider labeling or organizing your wine bottles to easily identify and access your desired selection.
  • Regularly clean the wine rack to maintain its aesthetics and prevent dust accumulation.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Sorbus Wine Rack is a must-have for wine enthusiasts and individuals looking to add a touch of elegance to their home bar or kitchen. With its modern design, versatile storage capabilities, and built-in towel rack, this wine rack offers both functionality and style.

Final Recommendation

If you’re in need of an efficient and visually appealing way to store and display your wine collection, look no further than the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack. Its sleek design and practical features make it a valuable addition to any wine lover’s space. So go ahead, raise a glass and enjoy your favorite bottle of wine with the Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack.

Wall Wine Rack

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